Shameless doesn’t just play music. You can hire a DJ for that. These five musicians put on an interactive show, inviting their current and future fans to be a part of their performances.

Tired of hiring the same party bands that play the same music? See what you’re missing and “get a little… Shameless!”

Who is Shameless?

Frank Ventresca – Keyboard / Vocals

Frank has been playing for decades, and is equally comfortable playing both white and black keys.
Frank has played in all types of bands from wedding to funk, latin to rock. Frank is well known for adding the “polished professional” sound to all his projects.

Billy Mack – Lead Vocals

Billy Mack has been singing in the Connecticut music scene for the last 25 years. Fronting original music and cover/tribute bands, Mr. Mack knows what it takes to get a crowd engaged in a party. Ask anyone who has seen him perform, most walk away stating “that boy can sing!”

Vince Bossio – Guitar / Vocals

If it has strings, Vince can play the sh** out of it! Vince can do it all from scorching electric to sweet acoustic and everything in between. He combines years of musical experience with the ability to simply let go and just get into it.
But that’s not all – Vince also rocks the mic as the band’s “designated rapper” – kickin’ it old school and nu skool!

Kevin O’Shameless – Bass

Having been in many, many, bands and being labeled a “musical prostitute”, Kevin has eclectic influences ranging from Rage Against The Machine to Queen to Led Zep to James Brown. Though not much of a singer at all, in addition to playing bass guitar, Kevin plays guitar, drums and upright bass to name a few. Since a bass guitar has only four very large & hard to miss strings, Kevin should be ok sticking to this simple instrument. Drinks well with others.

Adam Robinson – Drums

Adam may be new to Shameless but he has been part of the CT band scene for over 22 years. He has traveled all over the northeast anchoring the rhythm section for some of the regions most in-demand cover bands. From Country to Metal, Disco to Grunge, Adam has played it all. If you’re lucky, he’ll take the stage front and center and rap for ya too! The “Professor of Percussion” does it all!